11/09/2019 Recap

We had a wonderful meeting with Emily Blount from the Hope Pregnancy Center today! It was so encouraging to hear how the Lord is moving in the hearts of people who don’t know Him or have never heard of Him, especially during one of the most stressful and defining times of their lives.

Emily talked about how although most women come in looking for pregnancy confirmation, the Center walks with them through more than just that first event. Along with pregnancy tests, Hope also offers sonogram services (especially to those who are abortion-minded). In fact, Emily announced that of those who came in considering an abortion, 93% of them chose life after experiencing a sonogram, and that number increased to 96% if the father was present. Wow!

Emily also talked about their ministries to both parents during pregnancy and after birth for up to a year, helping young people figure out how to be parents and how God has a plan for their little family. The other little-known ministry is the Forgive and Set Free program, which is geared directly to women who have had abortions in the past.

Our church is hosting a baby shower specifically to help stock Hope’s baby boutique. The young parents to which they minister are able to earn “baby bucks” as they reach certain milestones and complete certain activities. Our gifts will go to help make sure that Hope has everything these young families need. There will be an official announcement posted soon, so make sure you check there to see how you can help.

We had 21 people come today! What a blessing! We hope to see more of you next month!