03/07/2020 Recap

Hayley Sanders gave our devotional today over Leah’s story in Genesis 29 and 30. She read from the Jesus Storybook Bible, which takes the whole Bible and paraphrases it into a story-like format. It offers a unique approach to Scripture, helping it to come alive as an actual story and showing how everything in the Bible relates to Jesus and His redemption of the world.

Leah’s story teaches us that the world’s standards of beauty and worth are backwards. God does not love us because we are beautiful. We are beautiful because God loves us. Leah may be been rejected by Jacob, but she was blessed by God with many sons, one of which was Judah (whose name means “this time I will praise the Lord”), and he was the ancestor to David, and, ultimately, Jesus.

God chooses those who are considered inferior in order to showcase his power and sovereignty over this world (1 Corinthians 1:27). As we read through His story, we see how He wove His power through all of the “heroes” of the Bible. It is exciting to know that we have access to the same power and that He has chosen to work His miracles through us!