Wonder Women on 08/07!

Hey, y’all! Wonder Women is tomorrow! And guess who’s speaking?? ME!!! So don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear what God’s put on my heart and see how I’m going to embarrass my mom.

Remember, food and drinks are provided, so just bring your smiling self! Doors will open around 9:15, so come on in, grab a snack, and catch up with all the ladies. We can’t offer childcare, but don’t let that stop you from coming! Just know that we’ll all want a turn holding the babies 🙂

Normally, if you have questions, I would direct you to Hayley, but since she’s just poofed out a baby and is a bit preoccupied, you can reach out to me (Hillary) instead: 405-694-9457 (if you text, don’t forget to tell me who you are).

See you soon!