03/07/2020 Recap

Hayley Sanders gave our devotional today over Leah’s story in Genesis 29 and 30. She read from the Jesus Storybook Bible, which takes the whole Bible and paraphrases it into a story-like format. It offers a unique approach to Scripture, helping it to come alive as an actual story and showing how everything in the Bible relates to Jesus and His redemption of the world.

Leah’s story teaches us that the world’s standards of beauty and worth are backwards. God does not love us because we are beautiful. We are beautiful because God loves us. Leah may be been rejected by Jacob, but she was blessed by God with many sons, one of which was Judah (whose name means “this time I will praise the Lord”), and he was the ancestor to David, and, ultimately, Jesus.

God chooses those who are considered inferior in order to showcase his power and sovereignty over this world (1 Corinthians 1:27). As we read through His story, we see how He wove His power through all of the “heroes” of the Bible. It is exciting to know that we have access to the same power and that He has chosen to work His miracles through us!

02/01/2020 Recap

We had a WONDERFUL time listening to Darla Morgan sing her testimony with us this morning! We also had a record number of women for this event! Taking time to support each other is one of the most important things about living in a Christian community.

Darla is featured at the Centennial Rodeo Opry on February 8th, so if you enjoyed her this morning, you can go see her there as well! You can find more information on www.ohfo.org

We hope that your experience with us this morning whet your appetite for participating in your church community. We are joining the rest of our church in focusing on prayer and asking God to bring revival to us and to our nation. Please consider taking this regular time to join us. There is Strength in numbers!

For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst. 
—Matthew 18:20

01/04/2020 Recap

Robin Anderson gave a wonderful devotional today about listening for God’s voice. She reminded us that seeking God daily and learning to hear Him whenever He speaks to us is the key to finding joy in the Christian life.

God wants to spend time with you, showing you all the good things He has ready for you. When you share His time, you also share His burden (which is light), and we are blessed with the joy that comes from being with Him.

Robin also reminded us that God is never disappointed in us. God already knew all our sin before He even created time and space, so we can’t “surprise” Him with anything. We must simply acknowledge our sin to Him, and he again trades our heavy burdens for His light one.

Robin also provided a handout where she had “strung pearls” about what it means to rejoice with God. When Hebrew scholars/priests/students would be studying the Law and they found verses that supported each other, they called it “stringing pearls.” She also included a handout with some tools on hearing God and knowing His voice from the enemy’s. I highly recommend you take a moment and read through it!

Rejoicing with God Daily (Devotionette)

11/09/2019 Recap

We had a wonderful meeting with Emily Blount from the Hope Pregnancy Center today! It was so encouraging to hear how the Lord is moving in the hearts of people who don’t know Him or have never heard of Him, especially during one of the most stressful and defining times of their lives.

Emily talked about how although most women come in looking for pregnancy confirmation, the Center walks with them through more than just that first event. Along with pregnancy tests, Hope also offers sonogram services (especially to those who are abortion-minded). In fact, Emily announced that of those who came in considering an abortion, 93% of them chose life after experiencing a sonogram, and that number increased to 96% if the father was present. Wow!

Emily also talked about their ministries to both parents during pregnancy and after birth for up to a year, helping young people figure out how to be parents and how God has a plan for their little family. The other little-known ministry is the Forgive and Set Free program, which is geared directly to women who have had abortions in the past.

Our church is hosting a baby shower specifically to help stock Hope’s baby boutique. The young parents to which they minister are able to earn “baby bucks” as they reach certain milestones and complete certain activities. Our gifts will go to help make sure that Hope has everything these young families need. There will be an official announcement posted soon, so make sure you check there to see how you can help.

We had 21 people come today! What a blessing! We hope to see more of you next month!