01/04/2020 Recap

Robin Anderson gave a wonderful devotional today about listening for God’s voice. She reminded us that seeking God daily and learning to hear Him whenever He speaks to us is the key to finding joy in the Christian life.

God wants to spend time with you, showing you all the good things He has ready for you. When you share His time, you also share His burden (which is light), and we are blessed with the joy that comes from being with Him.

Robin also reminded us that God is never disappointed in us. God already knew all our sin before He even created time and space, so we can’t “surprise” Him with anything. We must simply acknowledge our sin to Him, and he again trades our heavy burdens for His light one.

Robin also provided a handout where she had “strung pearls” about what it means to rejoice with God. When Hebrew scholars/priests/students would be studying the Law and they found verses that supported each other, they called it “stringing pearls.” She also included a handout with some tools on hearing God and knowing His voice from the enemy’s. I highly recommend you take a moment and read through it!

Rejoicing with God Daily (Devotionette)

Hope Baby Shower

The time is here! We are hosting a baby shower for Hope Pregnancy Center on Monday, November 18th, at 7:00 PM! Hope offers expectant and new parents opportunities through parent classes to earn baby bucks, which they can then spend at the boutique. This baby shower will go toward making sure that their store can stay stocked!

I highly encourage you to read through the recap of this month’s meeting with our local center director, Emily Blount: 11/09 Meeting Recap

In fact, Emily will be at the baby shower to lead the devotional. She’s amazing! Come listen!

All baby items are fine. However, if you need a list, here are some of the most-requested items:

  • Pack’n’plays
  • Monitors
  • Diapers sizes 4, 5, and 6
  • Baby books
  • New-Mommy gifts
  • Crib sheets
  • High chairs

Please DO NOT wrap your gifts! Since this shower is not for a particular person, there is no reason to wrap anything. Also, if you are more comfortable bringing a monetary donation, we will have a place for that as well.

We are so excited to have y’all experience this opportunity with us of sharing Jesus’ love with our community! Thank you in advance for your support, and we are looking forward to seeing y’all Monday night!