Tuesday Bible Study Update

Here is a list of ideas from our “brainstorm” session Tues Jan. 7th. Plus our list of prayer needs. Please read everything and be ready to share more ideas and insights when we meet next Tues? Nothing has been decided for sure. We have at least the next 3 weeks to set some goals and purposes for our special little group!

Brainstorm list: Questions were asked: Why do we meet? What needs are we meeting? Why do you come? The answers so far: Fellowship, Study, Prayer Support, Accountability.

When asked how do we want to proceed, the suggestions so far were: 

  • Get closure on the study we are doing. 
  • Use the next 3 weeks to watch the last 3 videos together and discuss the videos plus any other highlights from the book that has ministered to us.
  • When finished with this study, try everyone doing their own study at their own pace, but come ready to share what God is teaching us. This would mean we could meet every week regardless of who can come, without the fear and frustration “falling behind” or “missing out” on a chapter.
  • Our group could come up with a set of generic questions to help each of us know how and what to share when we meet. At least a starting point if anyone is struggling with “what to share.” The point is to be accountable, which is one of the “purposes” of our group.
  • If ladies within the group want to team up and do the same study that would be great! 
  • Bring past studies that have ministered to you as ideas for those who are looking for something to do after the one we are currently doing.

This is only the beginning of our brainstorm list. Please bring your insights and ideas to the table!

Prayer needs:

  • Cheryl: her mom fell again; continuing to look for care alternatives.
  • Angela: looking for income possibilities; sister dealing with major family crisis and Angela wants to help but needs specific wisdom as to “how.”
  • Hillary: Health (jaw therapies, iron infusions); possible job change.
  • Cathy: John’s health, her health, (and Penny starts cosmetology school and will not be able to continue with our group – sadness).
  • Sarah: would like to quit First Call and get some sleep; Tate’s skin issues.
  • Hayley: TJ transitioning to grow home business; dietary changes for kids.
  • Carrie: put God first.
  • Robin: wisdom about health; direction and goals for 2020 (want it to be from God, not my own “list”).